Developers for hire! Specializing in Single-page web apps in Ember.js

About the Team


Daniel Walton

Daniel has been a web app developer and online marketer for 10+ years. He speaks both biz and tech fluently and he loves the crossroads of software & marketing. A deep understanding of full stack web development allows him to easily tackle all manner of web related projects. He loves optimizing online sales funnels and architecting apps in the marketing space. If you’re selling a software service online, it’s hard not to love him.


James Florentino

James is UX/UI Designer and Front-end developer with a penchant for building clean and beautiful user-interface for web applications. He specializes in creating awesome synergy between code and visual design utilizing HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and other open web technologies. He values aesthetics as well as code integrity which makes him a valuable team member when it comes to product development.